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Timberline igniter light box 48x72 double-sided

Ignite your graphics with the timberline igniter display. this product includes a custom made, 48" x 72" double-sided, dye-sublimation fabric graphic.


Visual impact 2x1 backlit stands factory fürth – coursier

Imagexpress, inc. charisma seg™ packaging, our charisma seg/led light boxes come disassembled, components packed in a compact corrugated tube. hard cases are also available.


Charisma 48x72 slim led seg fabric light box power ...

Charisma 48x72 slim led seg fabric light boxes are our thinnest led seg backlit displays. they provide a frameless display of a 49" x 73" dye sublimated …


Ceiling suspended 48x72 inc backlit stands company prague

Convex led backlit lightbox with snap open side rails. ad promo frames. 5x7 ad promo snap frames. ... 72 x 48 indoor enclosed wood bulletin boards with sliding glass doors and message header. ... swingframe 16x20 designer wall mount metal framed large cork board display case 4 inch …


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Double sided 3x3 lightbox stands price – xerowanie

This charisma double sided led seg fabric light box is designed to be used as a double sided back wall for trade shows or other events. it provides a frameless display of two 97" x 91" dye sublimated fabric graphics, for a finished visible size of 96" x 90".